Tumor markers

Tumor markers Are substances produced by tumor cells or normal cells in response to a tumor in the body. Some tumor markers are specific to one type of cancer, while others are found in several types of cancer. Tests are most often done in patients with a confirmed tumor diagnostics.
Tumor markers are identified to assess the spread and progression of cancer to other tissues, to predict prognosis, and to monitor treatment, as well as in high-risk patients, taking into account personal and family history.

Name of the test Category Price CODE Response time (working day) ** Location of the analysis **** Buyhf: categories

Note: * (antibioticogram is done as needed); ** (Response time is given according to working days and is not absolute, can be changed taking into account various factors); *** (done once a week on Tuesdays); **** (done once a week on Fridays); ***** (Some tests for COVID-19 pandemics to be sent to Synevo European Laboratory Centers may be temporarily suspended and / or take more than 14 business days.)

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