Terms and conditions of use of the website


  1. Preamble
    • This website is the property of Synevo Georgia Ltd (s / n 204525736) and it governs the terms and conditions of use of the site itself, and these terms and conditions constitute a binding agreement between you and Synevo Georgia Ltd. .   
    • The terms "Company" and "We" refer to Synevo Georgia LLC (as well as its affiliates, affiliates, affiliates), while the terms "You", "Customer" and "Client" refer to a natural or legal person who uses the present Website.
    • By visiting the Website, registering, or using the information / services posted on it, you confirm that you fully agree to all of the provisions of the Site, which may be unilaterally changed by the Company from time to time. These changes / updates will be posted on this website and your visit to it signifies your agreement to the relevant terms.
    • The services offered on the website can be obtained on the territory of Georgia, and complete information related to the specific locations of the service provider is posted on the website.


  1. Web-next to Benefit
    • Using this website mainly means that you, as a user, have the opportunity to remotely purchase the analysis you want online and, upon submission of a payment receipt, receive the mentioned services on the spot in the company's service centers. Complete information about the services offered by the company is posted on the website and is subject to periodic updates.
    • The fact that you use the services will automatically put you in the scope of the terms and conditions of use of the website and imply that you are aware of the terms and conditions of use of the site and fully agree with them.


  1. Links

3.1. If the website contains a link that will redirect you to another company-owned site (for example, a redirect in case of payment), then the terms of use of that site will be subject to the rules posted / valid on their site.


  1. Information Call
    • By visiting and using the Website, you confirm that the information you provide is accurate and truthful, that the information was provided at your own discretion, and that you have all the rights and permissions required by law.
    • In the event that you provide incorrect and / or inaccurate information on the data / query requested by the Company, the Company will be released from liability for the resulting components. The company does not specifically ask for additional information other than that specified. Therefore, please provide clearly only the data that will be directly referenced / requested on the website.





  1. Intellectual property
    • Content posted on the Website, including the logo, trademark (s), is the intellectual property of the Company. No part of this site may be reproduced, copied, transmitted or stored in any form without our permission. No part of this site may be reproduced, published, distributed, transmitted, stored or stored in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the copyright holder.



  1. Personal Information
    • The company strictly protects the personal data of customers. In case of providing personal data by the user, the company is entitled to store / process the said data on the product or service indicated on the website in order to offer news and special discounts / promotions, which is used only for the specified purpose (direct marketing) and services in accordance with the law and this agreement. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, the User authorizes the Company to send a message to the Customer (including in electronic form: short text message, E-mail).
    • If you provide any information about another person, you must have the consent of that person to share that information with us.
    • More information about personal data processing can be found at the link


  1. ConfidentialityAllure
    • The information is the sole and exclusive property of the information provider.
    • The recipient of the information is obliged to make the information available only to its employees, subsidiaries or other affiliates who need its knowledge to ensure the purpose of the relevant services.
    • The transfer of confidential information by the company is carried out with the prior consent of the client, or in other cases provided by law. In addition, the Company ensures maximum protection of the confidential information provided to it in accordance with the law, however, the Company disclaims any responsibility for unauthorized access to client data by third parties when the User provides information to the Company.
    • When providing us with confidential information, the user is obliged not to use any means that may endanger the security of the company.
    • The technical data left during the visit of the user to the website can be used by the company to improve the quality of the site and, consequently, the service, or to produce statistics.
    • The company may carry out any data disclosed in various electronic channels and / or Internet space (including, and not only, ready-made records called cookies, etc.) and the data subject and / or the third party (s) indicated by him / her activity in these channels Processing information about.
    • The processing of data about the data subject by the Company in electronic channels (including, without limitation, web browser, company website, company mobile applications (if any), and / or other technical means and channels of data transmission and reception), as well as: Includes recording of data subject activity (eg identification of data subject location while using electronic channel, description and analysis of data recorded in the search field, recording and analysis of product selection frequency and / or any other statistical data) and / or other data recorded by the data subject ( Contact of the data subject and / or third parties).
  • Confidentiality obligations do not apply to information that:
    • Without violation of the law was known to the receiving party before the relevant information was provided by the informing party;
    • Is, or will be made available to a third party by written agreement of the parties, or independently of them.
    • which will be disclosed by the Company or the User in compliance with the requirements of the law (including the exercise of its rights by a party through a court / arbitral tribunal);
    • which can be obtained from other sources.


  1. changes და Additions
    • The Company is entitled to make changes and / or additions to the use of the Website in these terms and conditions at any time, without the additional consent of the User. The company also reserves the right to change the design of the website at any time as well as the terms or fees for receiving the service. The company is not obliged to inform you about the changes made, so please familiarize yourself with the relevant conditions before purchasing a specific service.


  1. Circumstances precluding liability
    • The company is not responsible for any damage (loss) that is not caused by the direct fault of the company and also by the impact of various computer viruses. Given these viruses, the company lacks the ability to provide guarantees for continuous and secure access to the Website. In order to avoid such risks, you are entitled to adopt and implement individual prevention and defense measures.
    • The Company accepts no liability in the event that certain features of the Website are not available to you, and we are not responsible for any damage that may result from delays or delays in the delivery of our Services or their individual components.


  1. Acting Legislation And disputes
    • Regardless of your place of residence, the terms and conditions of use of the website are regulated and explained in accordance with the legislation of Georgia. Also, in order to regulate all issues that are not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the norms provided by the legislation of Georgia and / or additional terms agreed between the Company and the Customer (if any) shall apply.
    • Any dispute with the company is resolved through negotiation. In case of settlement of the dispute through negotiation, any dispute related to the company shall be submitted to the court of Georgia with the relevant jurisdiction for consideration and final decision.


  1. Contact Information
    • If you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions and the information provided on the Website, please contact us in writing at: Tbilisi, Tsinandali st. №9, or by E-mail: info@synevo.ge , Or contact us: (+995 32 39 38 33).




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