which insurance companies do you cooperate with?

❓We are often asked by patients -
"which insurance companies do you work with?"❓
👉Laboratory Synevo cooperates with the following insurance companies:
🔹TBC Insurance TBC Insurance, 🔹Unison UNISON • Unison,
🔹Global Benefit Georgia Benefits • Benefits,
👉In order to be able to take advantage of the insurance, you need to present an application from the insurance company, a valid ID card or passport, and in case of minors, a birth certificate.
Laboratory services are available in all Synevo branches, as well as on call to the apartment.
For detailed information, contact us on the hotline and / or write to us on our Facebook page.
Hotline: 032 2 800 111 (8:30-22:00)
You can also use the apartment call service (9:00-22:00)
Choose the nearest branch: https://synevo.ge/laboratories/
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