Joint social project of "Synevo" laboratory and "Mirabaldi" JSC.

In the state shelter for victims of domestic violence in the city of Gori, JSC "Mirabaldi" is making a reading space at the expense of social activity and human kindness, which includes an educational space and a place for rest and relaxation.
Books and indoor plants are needed to complete the library.
We want to join you in this project and contribute to this good cause with joint efforts. 🦋
Any person, patient, ordinary person can bring a book or a room plant to any branch of Synevo. We think it will be nice if you write down your wishes for the beneficiaries in the books.

👉Our branches are


The collected items will decorate the library created in the state shelter for victims of domestic violence in Gori.
Contribute to a worthy cause.
no to violence !
For goodness sake, with you!
For detailed information, contact us on the hotline and / or write to us on our Facebook page.
Hotline: 032 2 800 111
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