New branch in Chiatura

????✨New branch in Chiatura!✨
Dear friends!
We would like to inform you that a new branch of the European laboratory network "Synevo" has been opened ????????🇬🇪 in Chiathura!!
💙Here you can take advantage of modern, high-quality analysis services and receive advice from a team of laboratory professionals.
👉In this regard, the new branch offers a promotion until April 30:
📌General blood analysis + EDS - 14 GEL, instead of 22 GEL.
📌Lipid exchange profile - 44 GEL instead of 120 GEL.

Branch address and location

Hotline: 032 2 800 111 (call 8:30-22:00)
You can also use the apartment call service from 9:00 to 22:00. (Tbilisi)
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