Sexually Transmitted Diseases Talk!

April is the month of raising awareness of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)!

If you are sexually active, or planning to become sexually active, it's important - "Conversation, testing, treatment" For the safety of your health. These three small actions can have a big impact on your sexual health.

Conversation is important - Talk to your partner (s) and your relevant doctor Be open and honest about sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases.

Talk to your Partner (s)! Try to include all issues related to safe sex in your discussion:

  • Talk about when you last took the STD test and offer testing together;
  • If you have STDs (such as herpes or HIV), be sure to tell your partner about it;
  • Agree that you will only have a relationship with each other;
  • Use barriers correctly during any sexual contact.

Talk to a doctor of the appropriate profile! About your sex life. This will help him give you the right advice on which STD test you should take and how often

Sexual By the way Contagious Diseases შესახებ additional Information იხილეთ our In the article - Sexual By the way Contagious Diseases.


Laboratory "Synevo" offers profile studies of sexually transmitted diseases:

Talk. Test yourself. Treat it.


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Health care starts with accurate tests!




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