Special offer for couples (2 patients) – screening for sexually transmitted diseases

Special offer from "Synevo"!
 Screening of sexually transmitted diseases for couples (2 persons) with more than 50% discount, which means:


When ordering this test, you are purchasing a study for 2 people

With a simple urine sample and the most accurate PCR method, you get information about the 7 most common diseases

The cost of the test per person is 285 GEL (instead of the standard price of 660 GEL)

The price for a couple is 570 GEL (instead of the standard 1320 GEL)

To conduct the test, 2 samples of the research material (urine or smear) are required.


 Study materials can be handed over to any Synevo branch or apartment.
When calling the apartment, the research material is only urine




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