For the first time in Georgia and the Caucasus, the Cobas® pure integrated solutions analyzer of the last generation of Roche Diagnostics, Cobas® series is in Synevo!

Why you should choose Synevo?
For the first time in Georgia and the Caucasus, the last generation analyzer of Roche Diagnostics Cobas® series👉Cobas® pure integrated solutions - is in "Synevo"!
👉Cobas® pure is one of the most modern analyzers that meets the European standards of quality and accuracy of laboratory diagnostics and combines more than 230 parameters of clinical biochemistry, immunology and ISE testing, including many analyzes of high medical importance.
We would like to share with you our emotions from the analyzer installation event and thank our colleagues:
microlife microlife (Roche Georgia),Roche Turkey , Roche Kazakhstan LLP და Synevo Laboratories • Synevo laboratory for cooperation and support.
We are constantly striving to meet the latest challenges in laboratory medicine and remain leaders in quality and precision.
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