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Quality management

External quality control

Medical Laboratory "Synevo Georgia" pays great attention to the quality of research, which is confirmed by foreign certificates issued by the German Reference Laboratory DGKL.
These certificates attest to the quality of the research offered by Synevo Georgia Medical Laboratory.
External Quality Assessment Control RFB 2020
HP201 9900011 Z 25 01 2020 page 0001 min
HM201 9900011 Z 25 01 2020 page 0001 min
GR201 9900011 Z page 0001 min
TM201 9900011 Z page 0001 min
KU201 9900011 Z page 0001 min


Single vacuum systems of Western European production are used;             
 A unified information laboratory system with barcodes throughout the biomaterial ensures the minimization of human-induced errors.
Tests are conducted in automatic closed analyzers - vacuoters.
A vacuotiner is a closed single tube in the shape of a sterile glass or plastic tube, inside which the vacuum and pressure created allow a certain amount of blood to be taken for analysis without additional extraction from the vein (this method of taking blood is accurate and less painful).
These vacuutiners contain chemical additives and are closed with different colored caps that correspond to a certain category of analysis. These vacuutiners are placed in Cobas and other analyzers, each with a unique barcode with patient and analysis data, after which the machine performs inaccurate time.

Patient service

High-quality diagnostics of Synevo are not considered in isolation from patient care.
Therefore, we try our best to create a comfortable environment so that you do not spend a lot of time taking tests, wait for the manipulations to be performed in good conditions and quickly get the results of the research.
Therefore, raising the level of service of "Synevo" means:
  • Services of all laboratory centers of Georgia in accordance with the common standard;
  • Control the quality of services with the help of surveys of research companies and social networks;
  • The existence of a single multi-channel information line;
  • Ensuring the sending of SMS messages on the readiness of the survey results;
  • Ensuring the automatic sending of survey results by E-mail;
  • Provide ongoing consultation on issues of interest to patients through the hotline, Facebook page and email.
We will be glad if you write us your wishes and recommendations to our E-mail:


For safe and efficient delivery of biological material, the company "Synevo" uses its own fleet, which allows patients to use laboratory services, located in the nearest laboratory centers and get the results of research in the shortest time.
  Pictures of cars and container.
Patients' biomass is transported in specialized bag-containers, which excludes damage to the material taken during transportation.
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