Profile of prophylactic examination Is a rapid and unique examination of the state of health that serves to diagnose before the clinical signs of illness.

The profile allows us to detect the disease at an early stage, which significantly reduces the risk of developing dangerous diseases.

The profile includes a study of the following 10 parameters (Click on a specific product for more information on each parameter):

Until April 30th  You can conduct a "Profile of prophylactic examinations" For 90 GEL, Instead of 173 GEL

When should we conduct preventive examinations?

It is provided to check the health condition once in 6 months. Accordingly, the profile is designed for people, regardless of age, who want to constantly monitor their own health and avoid possible complications.

How to prepare for the test?

Venous blood is required for the test.

Blood sampling is required for analysis Fasting (At least 12 hours must have passed since the last meal).

Some medications can affect the results of test parameters, so it is important to consult your doctor and get detailed instructions to prepare for the analysis.

Possible interpretation of the results

If the test reveals abnormalities, it may be necessary to use additional, other methods of diagnosis. For this, you must consult a specialist, who, taking into account the symptoms, will correctly select the appropriate examinations to make an accurate diagnosis.

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Profile of prophylactic examinations - 90GEL, Instead of 173 GEL

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