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"Seasonal Respiratory Package"

Known as: Seasonal Respiratory package
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Research material: nasopharyngeal smear, venous blood and urine (1 sample).
Response time (working day): 1
The test is done on an empty stomach: Yes
Home call service: No.
Country: Georgia

General Information

"in a seasonal respiratory pack" Includes studies to help you respiratory tract infections the underlying causes In determining, as well  BloodA and urine important markersthrough examination of possible complications in timely prevention.


 The cold season of the year is distinguished by the frequency of viral diseases of the respiratory system. At this time, seasonal diseases appear, caused by colds and/or various types of viral infections (eg: adenovirus, respiratory syncytial, parainfluenza and other viruses). For the prevention of viruses, timely analyzes are needed, which we combined in one "seasonal respiratory package".

One is possible in the "Synevo" laboratory network "With a seasonal respiratory package"- Perform four basic tests that provide information about the causes of respiratory tract infection, as well as possible complications in the blood cell reaction, inflammation, and urinary tract.

The profile study includes the following analyzes:


When should we take the test?

Seasonal respiratory Clinical manifestations of diseasesAt Ebisu :

An increase in body temperature (37-38 degrees), sore throat, burning and pain in the eyes, runny nose and general intoxication (joint, muscle, headache and general weakness). Complications such as rhinosinusitis, bronchitis and lung inflammation are possible. Diarrhea (more common in children with flu, but can occur at any age with Covid-19). Change or loss of taste or smell, although this is more common with Covid-19;

"Synevo" I will remind you, that Self-medication და Self-diagnostics It is dangerous for health!

Possible interpretation of the results

If the test reveals abnormalities, it may be necessary to use additional methods of diagnostics and treatment. You must consult a specialist for this.

Influenza type A and B +Covid-19 rapid test can show:

Positive Result - Indicates the presence of covid-19 and/or influenza (flu) A/B viral antigens. Correlation of clinical symptoms and other diagnostic parameters is necessary to determine the infection status. A positive result does not rule out other bacterial or viral infections.

Negative Result :

  • After 7 days, patients with symptoms need to be confirmed by molecular testing. (PJR method).
  • A negative result is considered in the context of the presence and history of symptoms characteristic of recent contact, covid-19 and/or influenza (flu) A/B.

Additional information

"Covid-19" is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 RNA virus (the so-called "corona" virus) and it progresses differently in different individuals, starting from asymptomatic to acute courses. These symptoms are probably associated with changes in the body caused by infection, which can be determined (monitoring of changes) by the so-called special blood components. By observing changes in markers.


"Influenza" (Influenza A/B) , known as "flu", is a contagious respiratory virus. Influenza is a rapidly contagious viral infection of the upper respiratory tract that can be transmitted through respiratory secretions, sneezing, or coughing. It is characterized by antigenic variability, seasonality, and a strong impact on the general population. Influenza types A and B are the most common forms, which usually cause seasonal epidemics.


C-reactive protein (CRP) Is a cyclic, acute phase protein that is synthesized by the liver during inflammation.

It is used as a reliable marker of the inflammatory process in the body. It grows rapidly but non-specifically in response to tissue damage and inflammation and is a more sensitive and rapid rate than EDS (erythrocyte sedimentation rate). If CRP levels are already elevated, EDS levels may still be normal.


Blood Common Analysis Used to assess general health. It can also be a diagnostic indicator for many diseases such as anemia, inflammatory conditions, leukemia and others.


Urine Common Analysis It is a comprehensive study during which the general properties of urine and its physicochemical characteristics are determined.

The analysis checks the color, transparency, specific gravity, acidity index (pH) of urine, as well as the presence of protein, bile pigments, glucose, ketone bodies and hemoglobin.

 How Get ready For the test?

To take the test you need:

Nasopharyngeal smear, venous blood and urine (1 sample).

some of them medication it is possible influence to have Of the test parameters on the results, therefore For analysis to prepare necessary to the doctor Consultation და from him Detailed instructions Admission.




action Within "Seasonal respiratory package" Extended panel There is a price  80 GEL, Instead  97 Larisa.




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