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Magnesium Mg (24 hour urine)

Known as: Magnesium Mg (24 hour urine)
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Study material: Urine
Response time (working day): 1
The test is done on an empty stomach: no
Home call service: Yes
Country: Georgia

General Information

Normally, 95% of the magnesium that is filtered by the kidneys at the glomerular level is reabsorbed by the tubes, especially in the ascending part of the Henle loop.

The process of magnesium excretion controls the level of this element in serum, on the other hand magnesium along with calcium is exposed to parathyroid hormone; Increased calcium reabsorption leads to inhibition of magnesium absorption. Hypercalcemia, hypophosphatemia, and acidosis are inhibitors of tubular reabsorption of magnesium.

When renal function is relatively inhibited, magnesium retention occurs, leading to an increase in serum levels.

When should we take the test?

  • Electrolyte status examination;
  • Determining the cause of abnormal serum magnesium levels;
  • Nephrolithiasis.

Possible interpretation of the results

Urine magnesium concentration increases:

  • Barter syndrome;
  • Kidney disease with excessive magnesium loss (chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic pyelonephritis, renal tubular acidosis, diuretic phase of acute tubular necrosis, postobstructive diuresis);
  • Hyperaldosteronism;
  • Patients who have undergone a kidney transplant and are undergoing immunosuppressive treatment.

The concentration of magnesium in the urine decreases:

  • Malabsorption;
  • Chronic alcoholism;
  • Prolonged parenteral treatment;
  • Chronic renal failure;
  • Hypoparathyroidism;
  • Is hypercalcemic;
  • Addison's disease.

Additional information

Study material / urine collection rule

24-hour urine. At 7 o'clock in the morning the patient urinates and does not store this urine, and during the next urination he collects the whole volume of urine in a plastic container (2-3 liter urine container) until 7 o'clock in the morning of the next day (24 hours); The patient should transfer 100 ml of urine from this container (e.g. with a syringe) to a disposable plastic cup for urine and should be stored at 2-8 ° C before the test (1-1,5 h).

Testing process

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Purchase a test

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