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Determination of Giardia Lamblia antigen (stool)

Known as: Giardia Lamblia Antigen Determination
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Research material: Stools
Response time (working day): 1
The test is done on an empty stomach: no
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Country: Georgia

General Information

Also known as: traveler's diarrhea

Giardia A small parasite that causes intestinal disease with diarrhea. In the environment, it inhabits soil, surfaces, food and water contaminated with feces. The source of pollution can be both human and animal faecal masses.

Giardiasis can be transmitted through fecal-oral route (with food or water). The parasite is easily spread through contaminated food and drinking or recreational water (river, lake, pond).

The parasite causes inflammatory processes in the small intestine.




Bloating, flatulence


Abdominal pain



Giardiasis is common in travelers and also in day care centers. It is most often transmitted through contaminated water and food.

Research material: stool, where the antigen is detected.

Because Giardia Lamblia can be present at different stages of the life cycle, it is sometimes difficult to detect and requires repeated research.

The need to conduct the test arises in the presence of prolonged, unexplained diarrhea and other symptoms listed above.

In addition to antigen detection in feces, additional studies may be necessary.


Interpretation of results

If Giardia is detected in the stool sample, it means that the diagnostics is confirmed. However, the parasite may not be detected at the first examination. For the accuracy of the answer, as a rule, several stool samples are needed.

What can affect the result of the study?


Antidiarrheal medications


mineral oils

antibiotic therapy



How to prepare for the test?

It does not require specific preparation. It is necessary for the attending physician to know the list of medicines that you are taking.

Additional information

Testing process

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Purchase a test

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