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Bordetella pertussis & parapertussis DNA | PJR (whooping cough)

Known as: Bordetella pertussis & parapertussis DNA pjr (whooping cough)
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Research material: smear
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General Information

The disease is spread by air-droplet, from person to person. An infected person is most contagious in the early stages of infection. The bacterium colonizes only in the ciliated cells of the mucous membrane of the respiratory system and multiplies very quickly. Transmission of the infection leaves a strong immunity, although the mechanism is not fully established. Both specific and non-specific immune cells participate in the development of the immune response. In unvaccinated cases, the risk of complications is high. becomes specific IgA gamoyofa, daavadebis dasadastureblad.

B pertussis is cultivated both in Bordet-Gengou-modified medium, on horse blood agar or in broth, and its identification is carried out by PCR. Circulating antibodies appear in the blood in the third week after the disease and reach a peak in the 8th-10th week. Antibodies are isolated by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

Antibiotics from the group of macrolides are used for treatment, although they do not affect the course of the infection, but they reduce the duration of the disease from 10 to 5 days. The whole-cell vaccine is effective, but since it often causes toxic effects, a non-cellular pertussis vaccine with toxoid is used.

Additional information

Bordetella Pertussis is a Gram-negative, aerobic bacterium that causes whooping cough. produces toxins. Causes upper respiratory tract infection with spasmodic cough. Leuko-lymphocytosis is characteristic in the acute period. Dangerous complications are bronchopneumonia and acute encephalopathy. Bordetella Parapertusis causes whooping cough, with a milder course.

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