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DSL (LDL) Cholesterol | Laboratory research

Known as: DSL (LDL) Cholesterol Laboratory research
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Study material: Venous blood
Response time (working day): 1
The test is done on an empty stomach: Yes
Home call service: Yes
Country: Georgia

General Information

LDL - Low Density Lipoprotein (so-called "bad" cholesterol) - Consists of proteins and lipids, mainly - cholesterol. It contains the most cholesterol (60-70% of total cholesterol in serum) and is mainly produced by the degradation of VLDL (a very low-density lipoprotein), a major transporter of triglycerides.

LDL is involved in the transport of cholesterol to tissues and the arterial system, which explains the increased risk of developing atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease in patients with elevated serum lipoprotein levels. Thus, the determination of LDL is specific for assessing the risk of cardiovascular disease and for making therapeutic decisions;

When should we take the test?

  • Risk assessment for ischemic heart disease;
  • Hyperlipoproteinemia;
  • Atherosclerosis and diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Liver disease.

The test is prescribed by a doctor.

Possible interpretation of the results

Increased LDL levels:

  • Hereditary hypercholesterolemia (type IIa);
  • Hyperlipoproteinemia II-B and III;
  • Diet high in cholesterol and saturated fats;
  • Hypothyroidism;
  • Nephrotic syndrome;
  • diabetes;
  • Multiple myeloma and other dysgammaglobulinemias;
  • Chronic renal failure;
  • Porphyria;
  • Anorexia nervosa;
  • After eating fatty foods;
  • Pregnancy.

Reduced LDL levels:

  • Hypobetalipoproteinemia;
  • Hyperthyroidism;
  • Chronic anemia;
  • Severe hepatocellular diseases;
  • Severe stress;
  • Inflammatory diseases of the joints;
  • Chronic lung disease.

Additional information

How to prepare for the test?

  • Follow an unchanged diet for 3 weeks before testing;
  • Maintain a constant weight;
  • Do not eat for 12-14 hours before testing. You can only get water and black coffee without sugar;
  • Do not drink alcohol for 72 hours before testing;

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Testing process

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Purchase a test

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