Call for "post-Covid" analyzes on the apartment and use additional services for free.

 "Post-Covid" analyzes at the address of your choice. (Tbilisi, Batumi).
Call the "Synevo" laboratory every day from 9:00 to 22:00 and use additional services for free:
🩺Blood pressure measurement.
🩸 Determination of glucose with a glucometer.
🩻 Pulse oximetry.
1. Go to the link.
2. Place the test in the basket.
3. Fill out the application and make the online payment.
4. Our operator will contact you and record the call.
 For detailed information, contact us on the hotline and / or write to us on our Facebook page.
☎ Hotline: 032 2 800 111 (Call 24/7)
(I.e. Choose the nearest branch:
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