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(I.e.As you know, the Christmas and New Year holiday is distinguished by "gastronomic adventures".
Pork meat, barbecue, sweets and a dozen more delicious high-calorie dishes are an invariable attribute of the New Year's table. Following such a "diet" continuously for several days contains certain health risks:
(I.e. increase of "bad" cholesterol;
(I.e. liver function disorder;
(I.e. The release of large amounts of glucose into the blood.
????Medical test kits/profiles are available at Synevo to help you assess your health after the holidays.
👉Lipid exchange profile - 54 GEL instead of 122 GEL https://synevo.ge/lipid-metabolism-profile/
👉Profile of liver function tests - 56 GEL, instead of 90 GEL https://synevo.ge/profile-of-liver-function-tests/
👉Type 2 diabetes preventive profile - 79 GEL instead of 103 GEL https://synevo.ge/type-2-diabetes-prevention-profile/
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