Privacy Policy and Rules

  1. The Company's policy regarding the processing of personal data is based on the principles established by the legislation of Georgia and fully complies with it. The company strictly protects the security and confidentiality of personal information and also, in accordance with the law, provides for the process of collection and use of personal information, as well as data protection procedures.
  2. In the event that you, as a patient, decide to accept the product / service offered by the Company and, consequently, agree to the rules of personal data processing in order to fulfill the obligations under the agreement / contract between you and the Company and the specifics of the activity (client / customer and company) ) May process and / or share a variety of personal data, including specific categories of data.
  3. The recipient of such information must ensure that he / she has fully implemented internal rules / systems for confidentiality and protection of personal data, binding regulations that are / will be in full compliance with applicable law and that are fully disseminated to information received from the processor / transmitter. Accordingly, each party to this relationship (both the data processor / transmitter and the authorized / recipient and any of its subcontractors) is required to ensure that its activities are in full compliance with the requirements of personal data protection legislation and also strictly adhere to the following conditions:
    • To process personal data in accordance with the principles established by law, and if the law provides for the processing of data by the data subject, to obtain / obtain the said consent (in writing or electronically). Consent must be given in a voluntary, clear, simple and understandable language. However, such consent must be submitted immediately to the data recipient upon request.
  4. The person authorized to process personal data / the recipient of the information will be obliged to:
    • To process the data provided by the data processor to the extent and within the scope necessary for the fulfillment of the terms and purposes specified in the agreement / agreement between the parties or provided by law or at the request of the regulator;
    • Introduce all technical or organizational measures and take all necessary actions to prevent unauthorized or illegal processing of personal data supplied by the data processor, their loss, destruction, damage, unauthorized alteration or disclosure, and to notify the data processor of the measures taken by it;
    • Without the consent of the data processor, does not transfer the information provided by the data processor to third parties (except for those third parties for whom the data transfer is necessary to fulfill the obligations under the contract between the parties and or by law), however, on any grounds, in case of data transfer to third parties, authorized The person is obliged to transfer the data on the basis of a written agreement, according to which the third party and / or its subcontractors will be obliged to take all necessary technical or organizational measures and take all actions to prevent unauthorized or illegal processing of personal data, their loss, destruction, damage. , Unauthorized change or disclosure;
    • Compensation for any damage / loss that may be caused to the data processor as a result of non-fulfillment and / or improper fulfillment of the obligations imposed by the authorized person on data processing and / or provided by law. The authorized person agrees to compensate and protect the data processor from any (including indirect) damages (which includes consequential damages without any limitation), from the complaint, from the costs (which without any limitation include the costs incurred by the data processor from exercising its rights), legal And from any other liability that may arise as a result of such breach.
  5. Each data subject has the rights set forth in this Article. The exercise of these rights shall be promptly responded to by the Company Responsible Group and the exercise of these rights may not impose any objection to the data subject;
    • The data subject is entitled to receive the following information about the processing of personal data:
      • which data is processed and for what purpose;
      • Data collection / extraction source;
      • Data storage period (time), or if a specific period cannot be determined, criteria for determining the period;
      • On the rights of the data subject;
      • If the data is transferred to another State or international organization, information on the legal basis and purposes of the data transfer, as well as appropriate guarantees of data protection;
      • If the data transfer is to a third party, the identity of the data recipient or the categories of recipients, including information on the basis and purpose of the data transfer.
  1. During the period of using the company or providing services to it, as well as after the termination of the contractual relationship, the company is authorized, for the purposes defined in this policy, to process the information about the data subject, including his personal data.
  2. The processing of data by the Company, without any limitation, includes any action taken against the data using automatic, semi-automatic or non-automatic means, in particular, their extraction, collection, recording, photo, audio recording, video recording, organization from a data subject or third party (s) , Storing, modifying, restoring, retrieving, using, or disclosing, grouping or combining, blocking, deleting, or destroying data by transferring, distributing, or otherwise making it available.
  3. The Company processes the existing information about the data subject or the third party (ies) named by it for specific purposes, which includes, but is not limited to, the following personal data:
    • Name and surname of the data subject;
    • personal number;
    • Registered and / or actual residential address;
    • Phone / cell phone number;
    • Email address;
    • Medical history (information about the patient's health and social status, information about the workplace, visit to the doctor, current state of health, information about past diseases, biological and genetic data, laboratory test results, information about the cost of medical care (calculation), etc.)
    • Audio and video monitoring records (if any);
    • Any other data related to the data subject and as a result of which it is possible to identify and / or characterize the data subject and / or group him / her with other clients by physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social characteristics of the person.
  4. The purpose of processing the information provided by the patient to the company is to produce an appropriate outpatient medical card for the services to be provided to the patient in order to provide the service. Medical diagnostics, treatment and medical services, protection of the vital interests of the person, archiving of data in the public interest, improving the quality of services provided, responding to complaints / claims, receiving medical services from insurance companies and / or receiving relevant financing (s); .ش.
  5. If the data subject, in order to receive the service, provides the company with information about third parties, including, and not only, information about personal data, health and social status, etc., and the company processes this information, including personal data, to perform the service or / And for marketing purposes, the data subject himself is obliged to obtain the consent of the said persons for the processing of their personal data by the company. The fact that the data subject provides such information to the company (or its authorized person) implies obtaining the consent of the data subject from that person and no longer requires the company to obtain such confirmation. The data subject himself is responsible for any damage / loss that may be caused to the company in case of non-fulfillment and / or improper fulfillment of the obligation by the data subject. The data subject agrees to indemnify and protect the Company from any damages (which, without any limitation, result in consequential loss), from the complaint, from the costs (which, without any limitation, include the costs incurred by the Company in exercising its rights), from legal proceedings and any other liabilities. Violation may result.
  6. The data subject authorizes the company to implement various marketing offers, to send short text, voice and / or other advertising messages by the data subject by phone, E-mail or other telecommunications or to offer services, goods, goods or services through direct communication with customers. Request.
    • The data subject has the right to request the data processor at any time to terminate the use of data about him for direct marketing purposes, no later than 3 (three) working days after receiving the data subject's request.
    • Personal data processed for direct marketing purposes is stored for a period of direct marketing after the data subject has given its consent to the direct marketing.
  7. In order to ensure security and property protection, as well as quality control of the service, in compliance with the requirements of the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection, the company monitors the exterior perimeter and entrances of the building, workplaces through video surveillance and audio recording systems, and audio recording during telephone communication with the company.
  8. In order to improve customer service, the data subject will be informed about the video surveillance and audio recording in the company's service areas, as well as the recording of telephone calls during the company's telephone communication in the form required by law.
  9. When using or receiving services from the Company, as well as after such termination, the processing of information received by the Company for appropriate purposes will continue / be carried out for a period that is consistent with the goals and interests of the Company, required by the Regulator and / or provided by law. After the expiration of these deadlines, the company is obliged to ensure the destruction of relevant personal data (both electronic and paper carrier) in accordance with the rules established by the company.
    • The processing of data provided by the data subject to the company through electronic channels (web browser, company website, internet company, mobile company, company mobile applications and / or other means of data transfer) is not terminated by the data subject. In case of deletion from the channels, the mentioned data will also be stored for the period that is in line with the goals and interests of the company, required by the regulator and / or provided by law.
    • At the request of the data subject, the company will provide the data subject with the information in the company regarding his personal data within the framework provided by law.
    • If the data subject considers that the information about the data subject in the company is untrue or incomplete, he / she is obliged to immediately inform the company in writing and the company is obliged to immediately provide the relevant information correction.
  10. Customer / Client is entitled to contact the Company at any time to obtain the necessary information related to this policy to the address: st. Tbilisi, Tsinandali st. №9, or by E-mail: , Or contact: (+995 32 393833).
  11. The rules and processes, which are not defined by this policy, are regulated in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.




Appendix 1

Consent to the processing of personal data

By consenting to the processing of this personal data, the provision of medical services, the provision of high quality services as well as quality improvement, fulfillment of contractual and statutory obligations, you, as a patient, confirm your prior consent to the Company and entitle it to the following:

The company will process information about the patient's personal, including health, treatment. By signing this document, the company is empowered to: process the personal information about the patient and / or his / her treatment and / or representative for services in the company, including the use of software (automatic and / or semi-automatic processing) as his / her immediate employees / med. Through staff, as well as invited persons and also through its contractors, including contractors who are directly or indirectly involved in providing services to the patient or any part of it and / or receiving quality services (eg patient insurance company, etc.). However, this must be done in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation to the extent and within the scope required to provide the service, without obtaining any additional consent.

Data processing includes any activity performed by the Company, including data collection, extraction, access, photography, video surveillance and / or audio monitoring, organizing, grouping, interconnecting, storing, modifying, restoring, retrieving, using, blocking, deleting, or destroying , The disclosure of data through its transmission, publicity, dissemination or otherwise accessible. The data will be processed by the Company only for the purpose for which it was collected and / or provided by law.

The transfer of personal information of the patient to third parties (except the above-mentioned persons), in particular, the state, regulatory bodies, sponsors of the service or part of it, law enforcement agencies, etc., will be carried out in accordance with the law. Such information may be transmitted even in cases not expressly provided for by law, in order to protect legitimate interests, due to reasonable need and / or the essence of the request;

During the use of the Company's services, as well as after its termination, the Company will continue to process the patient's personal information for the purposes specified for the purposes of the medical services and / or required by regulatory bodies and / or provided by law.

You also consent to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes within the limits and in the manner permitted by law.

You acknowledge that you have received complete and exhaustive information about your rights under Georgian law, including the fact that, at your request, the data processor is obliged to correct, update, add, block, delete or destroy data if it is incomplete, inaccurate, Not updated, or if their collection and processing was carried out against the law.

For any issues related to the protection of personal data in "Synevo Georgia" Ltd. you can contact us at the following E-mail address:


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