Children's preventive health days; pediatrician consultation


Dear children and parents!
"Synevo" from September 15 to October 15
There are "Children's Preventive Health Days", within which you can take advantage of a special discount promotion on the consultation of the pediatrician, Mrs. Lali Janashia:
 "Two and more children from one family" - 30 GEL
(instead of 50 GEL).
(I.e.Tbilisi, Saburtalo district: v. Dolidze st. N46.
(I.e.Zugdidi: Kostava st. N11a.
️ ️032 2 800 111 (July 24)
📱577 293 044
📱577 684 189
 Also, in all branches, you will be able to take advantage of a special discount (-10;-35%) on children's profile studies. (age is not limited).
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