Discount on online consultation of doctors-specialists

Children's health days continue!


👩⚕️"Synevo" offers -20-30% discount on online consultation of highly qualified and experienced doctors-specialists! The consultation is conducted online on the ZOOM platform.


👉The pediatrician is in Lali Jana.
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 19:30-22:30
To book a visit, follow the link:



👉Child neurologist Maya Beridze
Opening hours: Thursday, 18:00-20:00
To book a visit, follow the link:



👉Children's endocrinologist Marine Gogatishvili
Working hours: Wednesday 18:00-20:00, Saturday 14:00-16:00. To book a visit, follow the link:


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📲In case of online booking, our representative will contact you, schedule a consultation time and send you a ZOOM link via E-mail and short text message.




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