Special action for teachers

"Synevo" continues 👉"Training campaign".
👉 In all "Synevo" laboratory centers:
👉 Teachers and lecturers of higher and secondary educational institutions will receive a discount on the basic diagnostic tests for Covid-19 infection on the basis of a certificate.
🧬Covid-19 PCR test - (I.e.70₾ (instead of 120 GEL)
🧬Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test - (I.e.30₾ (instead of 49 GEL)
🧬Coronavirus SARS – Cov-2 antibodies to spike (S) protein (quantitative) -(I.e.35₾ (instead of 57 GEL)
(I.e.Choose the nearest branch: https://synevo.ge/laboratories/
✅For detailed information, contact us on the hotline and / or write to us on our Facebook page.
️ ️🔥Hotline 24/7: 032 2 800 111
📧 info@synevo.ge
(I.e.🏠You can also use the home call service. From 9:00 to 23:00
????(I.e.Health care starts with accurate tests!
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