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Mycoplasma Genitalium That's what we need to know

Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) Is a bacterium that can cause a sexually transmitted disease. It is transmitted during sexual contact.


MG does not always cause symptoms, so you may have an infection and not know about it.

The following symptoms are observed in men:

  • Watery discharge from the penis;
  • Burning, tingling or pain when urinating.

The following symptoms are observed in women:

  • Discharge from the vagina;
  • Pain during sexual contact;
  • Bleeding after sexual contact;
  • Vaginal bleeding between menstrual periods;
  • Pain in the pelvis below the abdomen.


Mycoplasma can cause a number of complications:

  • Urethritis - Irritation, swelling and itching of the urethra. Can develop in both men and women;
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in women, which can complicate pregnancy;
  • Cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix).


If you or your doctor think you may have a mycoplasma infection caused by the genitalia, you can have a nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). This test requires a urine sample or swab from the vagina, cervix or urethra.


Treating MG can be difficult. Conventional antibiotics, such as penicillin, kill bacteria by damaging cell walls. But MG does not have a cell wall, so these drugs do not work very well.

Your doctor may prescribe azithromycin or moxifloxacin.

After a month, you can have another test to make sure the infection is gone. If you still have symptoms and still have the disease, you will need to extend the treatment.

Your doctor may focus on treating other problems caused by MG, such as urethritis, PID, or cervicitis.

It is essential to test and treat your partners as well.

You can still become infected with MG even if you have already taken a course of treatment.


Condoms can reduce the chance of becoming infected with MG, but using a condom does not guarantee that you will not become infected.

If you are infected, avoid sexual contact for 7 days after starting treatment to avoid infecting others.

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