Sololaki: Atoneli Street, Building N12

Address:Sololak: Atoneli street, building N12

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ორშ-პარ. 8:30-18:00   Saturday 9:00-18:00

Contact +995322800111



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Children up to 3 years old

In this branch, it is possible to take blood from children under 3 years of age. You will be served by a professional nurse.

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Teona AlashviliTeona Alashvili
05: 33 25 May 23
Very professional staff and comfortable situation. Good advice and quick results. Highly recommended.
Mikhail ZeleninMikhail Zelenin
07: 01 11 April 23
Amazing service and very kind medical worker. Made blood test for all family. Three kids made it without any tears. For sure we will come for full blood test each visit to Tbilisi!
Maiia PolaricMaiia Polaric
12: 21 31 23 Sea
This is a very nice place to get your blood work done. Better than in some clinics. Friendly and caring, clean and cozy. Will definitely come here again for further tests.
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