Marneuli: 26 May st. N80

Address: Marneuli: 26 Maisi St. N80

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ორშ-პარ 8:30-17:00 შაბათ-Sunday 9:00-14:00

Contact +995322800111



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Children up to 3 years old

In this branch, it is possible to take blood from children under 3 years of age. You will be served by a professional nurse.

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Alisan BayramovAlisan Bayramov
17: 09 27 Oct 22
Cooxx eela labatoriyadir. It would be nice to see a profession for everyone. This is your lab. And good luck to everyone working in the lab.
Lali BakhutashviliLali Bakhutashvili
05: 25 27 Oct 22
Today I visited the Synevo laboratory for the first time, I really liked the service, lovely laboratory assistants, reasonable prices, good discounts when ordering a package for tests. I recommend to everyone.
12 gamzaev12 gamzaev
11:06 14 Jul 22
It was good, it didn't even hurt, it was awesome Laboratory, the workers are so kind.
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