Hormones Represent the chemical messengers of the body that are produced by the endocrine glands; These powerful substances then move through the bloodstream and provide information to tissues and organs about what to do. They are involved in the regulation of many basic functions of the body, including metabolism and reproductive processes.
Excess or too little of certain hormones (hormonal imbalance) can affect your health. Hormone levels change with age, with some changes observed during the day as well. Hormone tests are mainly used to assess the general state of health and to diagnose diseases associated with hormonal imbalances.

Name of the test Category Price CODE Response time (working day) ** Location of the analysis **** Buyhf: categories

Note: * (antibioticogram is done as needed); ** (Response time is given according to working days and is not absolute, can be changed taking into account various factors); *** (done once a week on Tuesdays); **** (done once a week on Fridays); ***** (Some tests for COVID-19 pandemics to be sent to Synevo European Laboratory Centers may be temporarily suspended and / or take more than 14 business days.)

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