"Healthy Friday" - special offer!

 Special offer from "Synevo" - "Healthy Friday", which is analogous to "Black Friday"!


"Black Friday" - "Black Friday" is a well-known day that involves large-scale discounts and promotions on various products and services related to the "Thanksgiving Week".

 From November 20 to 24, take the "Preventive Health Examination Profile" for just 70 GEL instead of 177 GEL.


 The profile includes a survey of 10 parameters:


• General blood analysis + EDS;
• uric acid;
• Creatinine;
• triglycerides;
• Glucose;
• total bilirubin;
• total cholesterol;
• alanine aminotransferase (ALT);
• aspartataminotransferase (AST);
Thyrotropic hormone (TSH)





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