Why the "failed" test? Non-invasive prenatal screening of pregnant women; special offer.

👩 🔬 What is VERACITY?
VERACITY is a new generation non-invasive prenatal test that accurately measures the baby's DNA in the mother's blood to determine the risks of fetal aneuploidy and microdeletions.
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"Can't": https://synevo.ge/verasiti/👩⚕️This test determines with high accuracy the risk of developing genetic disorders of the fetus!
👉 Every Tuesday and Thursday of the week in "Synevo" are prenatal screening days for pregnant women!
👉 In all branches of "Synevo" you can take advantage of a special discount of up to 45%!

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👉 Every Monday from 18:00 to 20:00 you can have an online consultation with geneticist Maka Chipashvili and take advantage of a special discount.
You can book a visit at the link:

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