Group B Streptococcus Screening | Screening of pregnant women and newborns

🪷 Group B streptococcus is a bacterium that lives in the human respiratory system, intestine, and genitourinary system without developing symptoms or disease. When carrying group B streptococcus during pregnancy, there is a risk of suffocation of the newborn and further complications.
 "Synevo" offers group B streptococcus screening, which can be booked both on-site and online.
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As a reminder, "requested test days" continue in Synevo, which means:
To raise awareness and inform you regularly about the individual required tests and relevant pathologies.
Our goal is to make preventive examinations available and to prevent expected diseases in time!

☝️Remember! "A milligram of prevention is equal to a kilogram of cure"
"A milligram of prevention is worth a kilogram of cure" - John Robert Colombo.
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