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🧪 Ferritin - "anemia tests".
🧪Ferritin is found in liver, spleen, bone marrow cells, reticulocytes and in small amounts in blood serum, where it performs the function of transporting iron.
The concentration of ferritin depends on the iron supply, so this indicator is used for the diagnostics and monitoring of iron deficiency or excess and for the differential diagnostics of anemia. If you buy "Ferritin" online, we offer a special discount:



  • As a reminder, "requested test days" continue in Synevo, which means:
  • Raising awareness and regularly informing about the separately requested tests and relevant pathologies.
  • Our goal is to make preventive examinations available and to prevent expected diseases in time!
☝️Remember! "A milligram of prevention is equal to a kilogram of cure"
"A milligram of prevention is worth a kilogram of cure" - John Robert Colombo.
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