Laboratory equipment

All research that is conducted "Synevo Georgia" manufactures high quality modern medical devices in laboratories Highly qualified medical Staff, Strict Under supervision.

Synevo Georgia Laboratory is equipped with modern medical technologies, which have no analogues in the country:


Cobas e411, Roche diagnostics (Germany, Switzerland)

  • A laboratory device with a closed analytical system that allows the consolidation of clinical, biochemical and immune analyzes and their placement on a single platform based on only one medical material.                       
  • Complex and high-performance medical device (more than 100 analyzes per hour).

Cobas С 311, Roche diagnostics (Germany, Switzerland)

  • Cobas c311 Is an automatic analyzer Software Providing, biochemical and other broad analytical range.  
  • Both quantitative and qualitative methods of in vitro diagnostics are used. 

Cobas C111 (Germany, Switzerland)


Cobas b221 and b121 Roche diagnostics (Germany, Switzerland)

Cobas U411 Roche diagnostics (Germany, Switzerland)


Analyzers for hematology

80550 3740245

Sysmex xs 1000i and Sysmex xs 500i, (Japan)

Urine analyzers

URISY 1100

Hemostasis analyzer

stago start41 e1436300312144

Each technological process undergoes a detailed inspection, which ensures the best quality of laboratory analysis. Devices connected to Synevo's unified system automatically analyze the information indicated on the bar code of a particular specimen and transfer the final answer to the laboratory database. It should also be noted that "Synevo Georgia" uses only Roche reagents, which are the best in the medical-laboratory field.

For the first time in Georgia and the Caucasus, the last generation analyzer of Roche Diagnostics Cobas® series:
Cobas® pure integrated solutions - is in "Synevo" and will soon be used.
Cobas® pure is one of the most modern analyzers that meets the European standards of quality and accuracy of laboratory diagnostics and combines more than 230 parameters of clinical biochemistry, immunology and ISE testing, including many analyzes of high medical importance.
We are constantly striving to meet the latest challenges in laboratory medicine and remain leaders in quality and precision.

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