Children's Health Profiles | Regular prevention protects us!

????May is the month of preventive health in "Synevo"!


Choose child health profiles tailored to your baby and enjoy discounts.


(I.e.Children's health profile & rheumatoid factor 71 GEL, instead of 99 GEL



(I.e.Children's Health Profile I & Parasitology 74 GEL, instead of 102 GEL



(I.e.Advanced Child Health Profile II & Parasitology 108 GEL instead of 197 GEL



(I.e.Children's Health Profile III & Parasitology 80 GEL, instead of 102 GEL



(I.e.Children's health profile & vitamin D 99 GEL, instead of 152 GEL.


????Have your children undergo preventive examinations and take advantage of the discount on the pediatrician's online consultation!


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  Regular prevention protects us!

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