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(I.e.???? Synevo joins the Pink October breast cancer awareness campaign, which aims to inform the public about the need for early detection of breast cancer symptoms, regular self-examination and screening tests.

"Synevo" offers a promotion until October 31: all patients who need breast cancer tumor marker tests will enjoy a 10% discount if they order online!

👉Tumor marker CA 15-3 (carbohydrate, carcinoma antigen (blood)) 10% discount

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👉Other tumor markers are also included in the campaign: CA 125 – carbohydrate,  CA 19-9-carbohydrate, Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)

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(I.e.Remember, if breast cancer is detected in time, it is only a diagnostics, not a sentence!
(I.e.Let's defeat breast cancer together!
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