Breast Cancer Awareness Month | Screening

????(I.e.Breast cancer prevention and early detection measures continue to be promoted in Synevo.
👉Periodic screening is important to rule out or make a timely diagnostics. During screening, it is necessary to see a mammologist and perform a mammographic examination. If pathology is suspected, laboratory research is required.
👉Therefore, "Synevo" encourages you to regularly perform breast cancer screening, pay attention to the age recommendations specified in the infographic, and do not delay a visit to the doctor.
👉We remind you that within the framework of the Pink October campaign "Synevo" offers a grand promotion: until October 31, all patients who need breast cancer tumor marker CA 15-3 and general blood analysis will be able to undergo -50% with a discount.
(I.e.Remember, if breast cancer is detected in time, it is only a diagnostics, not a sentence!
(I.e.Let's defeat breast cancer together!
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