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How to avoid breast cancer? | Recommendations

Pink October is synonymous with breast cancer awareness. It serves as a campaign for early prevention and support for patients. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, so taking steps to reduce your risk is vital. Within the framework of the 2023 "Pink October" strategy, we offer recommendations that will help us prevent breast cancer. Risk factors such as family history cannot be prevented, but lifestyle changes can reduce the impact of risk factors.


Can a balanced diet prevent breast cancer?

A balanced and nutrient-rich diet plays a crucial role in breast cancer prevention and reducing the risk of recurrence. In addition, a healthy diet reduces the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome and a number of hormonal disorders.

Reducing alcohol consumption is one of the prevention steps.



Overweight and obesity are associated with the risk of breast cancer, especially after menopause, when there is a hormonal imbalance, which in turn is a risk factor for obesity.


physical activity

Regular physical activity, along with a healthy diet, helps reduce insulin resistance and hormone imbalances, which are essential steps in breast cancer prevention.


Regular breast self-examination and clinical screening

Regular breast self-examination and clinical screening is a necessary routine that allows early detection of the disease and timely treatment. All women, from the age of 20, should do a self-examination at least once a month. In addition, regular screening tests and mammography are necessary from the age of 40.


Hormone therapy and birth control

Some groups of hormonal drugs and birth control pills are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. The question of prescribing these drugs should be based on consideration of individual history and medical needs.


It is important to know the family history, especially when assessing the risk of relapse. In the presence of family anamnesis of the disease, it is necessary to make a timely and adequate risk assessment and to plan screening-preventive measures.


Pink October is not only a breast cancer awareness month, but also a month of action!




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