How to travel with a four-legged friend?

A certificate of anti-rabies antibodies is a must for traveling abroad with your beloved four-legged friend.


It is already possible to determine the anti-rabies antibody titer of a pet in the "Synevo" laboratory. The procedure includes several simple steps:


????It is recommended to take a sample for testing no less than 30 days after the anti-rabies vaccination
????The owner of the animal will receive rabies antibody testing at the "Synevo" Tbilisi branches:
- the application form
- Test tube - 5 ml (for blood collection)
- box and gelpack - for transportation.
????The material will be collected in a veterinary facility. The blood sample must be centrifuged immediately after collection by a veterinarian. The application form is also filled by the veterinarian
????The sample in the gel-pack box and the completed application form must be returned on the same day during working hours to the same branch from where the application form and sample were issued
????The required minimum volume of blood is 1 ml


📧The result of the test and the electronic version of the certificate are issued within 12 working days after the test
📨The period for issuing the printed version of the certificate is 30 working days





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