Find out exactly how many antibodies you have!

👩⚕️Find out exactly how many antibodies you have!
👉In all laboratory centers of "Synevo"(I.e. You can have a quantitative antibody test for the SARS-Cov-2 spike (S) protein and check for immune status after infection with Covid-19 infection and / or vaccination.
🧪Spike protein is exactly the part of the virus that is used in various vaccines
In the manufacture, therefore, the quantification of SARS-Cov-2 spike (S) anti-protein antibodies allows us to:
✅Assess and monitor the level of post-immune immunity against Covid-19 infection.
✅Decide when to get vaccinated with your doctor.
✅Assess and monitor the level of post-vaccination immune protection.
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????You can also use it until November 25
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👉Take the SARS –Cov-2 Antibody (Quantitative) Test Against Spike (S) Protein-57 ₾ and Get a Free General Blood Test.
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