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Laboratory Equipment


 All research at "Synevo Georgia" labs are conducted by highest quality and modern medical equipment under the supervision of highly qualified medical staff.

 Modern medical devices and equipment of Synevo Georgia laboratory are unique all over the country. Lab. works under line of Cobas 4000 Series that includes all Cobas equipment series for low and middle size throughput laboratories.

Cobas e411, Elecsys 2010 Roche diagnostics (Germany, Switzerland)
  • Cobas e 411 analyzer, the next generation bench-top immunoassay analyzer.  It optimizes operational efficiency by combining fast turnaround time with ease of use, and is an ideal solution for laboratories with low- to mid-volume immunoassay workloads.
  • All-inclusive and high productive device provides results for thyroid functions, fertility, hormones, immunology, tumor markers, anemia,cardiac, virology,  maternal care, also for critical assays such as Troponin T, CK-MB, Myoglobin, and HCG+beta in as little as nine minutes; 
  • More than 100 tests per hour;


Cobas С 311, Roche diagnostics (Germany, Switzerland)
  • Compact and reliable, the Cobas c 311 with comprehensive clinical chemistry menu of more than 100 assays for mid-volume laboratories with throughput needs of up to 300 tests per hour.
  • Use 'In Vitro' diagnosis both quantitative and qualitative methods.



Cobas b221 and b121 Roche diagnostics (Germany, Switzerland)

Cobas C111 (Germany, Switzerland)

Cobas U411 Roche diagnostics (Germany, Switzerland)

Analyzers for Hematology
Pentra 120 

Sysmex xs 1000i and Sysmex xs 1000i (Japan)

Urine and Hemostasis Analyzers
Urisys 1100

Stago Start 4


Each technological process goes through detailed inspection, that's guarantee best quality of assay. Equipment connected to united system are providing results on specific bar-code information on automated based method and transmit final result to entire laboratory database. It is also very important that  "Synevo Georgia," uses only Roche's brand reagents, which is the best worldwide.