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"Synevo Georgia" European medical laboratories network

  • SYNEVO is present in 10 countries including Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia,  Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey and Belarus and operates a network of 100 laboratories which perform 94 million tests for over 12 million patients.
  • SYNEVO’s largest laboratory - Institut für Medizinische Diagnostik MVZ GbR, located in Berlin, with an experience of over 20 years, performs a very large range of assays (over 3,000 routine and advanced tests). Institut fürMedizinische Diagnostik MVZ GbR is accredited at high quality European standards by DAkkS GmbH according to DIN EN ISO/IEC17025:2005 and according to DIN EN ISO 15189: 20074.
  • SYNEVO also operates a network of 414 high quality and standardized Blood Drawing Points to collect samples (blood, urine or tissue) directly from patients to its laboratories.

  • SYNEVO provides one of the widest range of diagnostic laboratory services and is part of the Medicover Group family – a Swedish private health organization.
  • In Georgia, SYNEVO represent a network of 1 laboratory and 19 blood collection centers, offering a range of investigations which includes over 3000 different laboratory tests  (routine and advanced diagnostic) in the specialties of hematology, microbiology, biochemistry, cytology & histopathology and genetic tests.
  • SYNEVO commits itself to scientific rigor, high quality standards ,care for it’s patients and continuous seek excellence in what does. Synevo is confident that doing this today will build a better tomorrow for it’s customers.


In Georgia, our patients are available in thousands of different types of analysis ranging from the most simple to (general blood analysis, blood coagulogram ...)and complex analysis (molecular-biological, genetic...). It is important that there are several assays that can be conducted in Georgia only by Synevo. As a customer-oriented company  we dedicated to provide care of the highest quality, delivered with integrity, kindness and respect. Synevo posses fully-equipped Lab. Centre where all process are automated and computerized  for more accuracy everything is passed over internal and external quality control. Unique Bar code is assigned to every biological sample. In other words, when a patient comes to the laboratory in the system of his personal data and a test tube is assigned a unique barcode. Then, when testing answers are ready information will be created automatically into database so currently tests are automatically available in the rest of the laboratory branches. Patients and doctors can get answers to any branch, regardless where patient was injected. Georgian branch as well is switched in to entire laboratory network system which excludes any missings.

Like other European Synevo labs., "Synevo Georgia", uses Roche  (leading German company, in laboratory and pharmaceutical field)  latest medical equipment and reagents.

Finally "Synevo Georgia" offers more convenient system: Test answers can be received electronically, both by patient and doctor. Synevo also provides home tests service and measurable cost savings to all clients, all over the local network that captures capital and meain regional cities of Georgia!

Besides Laboratory strictly protect confidentiality and customers interests! All the above allows to provide accurate and timely results and make Synevo your health reliable and comfortable partner!

Wish you health and prosperity!